AOG Team

Commercial Aircraft Interiors AOG customer support is available 24 hours a day with response times determined by the type of support required.

Commercial Aircraft Interiors AOG team members take on the challenge with the same professionalism and determination for which we are known. Our team considers the safety of passengers and crew members who fly our customer’s airplanes as their highest priority. Our personnel work in conjunction with the carriers maintenance department by supplying materials, parts and documentation support very rapidly.


Our customer support will provide a response to these situations within 4 hours. Before our AOG team begins maintenance on the grounded aircraft, a parts kit inclusive of items processed by our Repair Station and manufactured by our Fabrication Facility is gathered in our 180,000 sqft facility located in Arlington Washington, U.S.A. The Commercial Aircraft Interiors team will ship the kit to locations around the world meeting our team who is already prepared to perform the installation or repair.

In order to provide the soonest response, please have the following information readily available when contacting our Customer Support representative regarding your AOG request.

1. Operator

2. Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN)

3. Location of AOG (Aircraft on ground)

4. Point of contact (POC)

5. POC phone number and email

6. Detailed description of the problem.

FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT Contact Customer Support at or 360-770-7284 to outline the nature of technical problem and communicate the priority of the request.

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