Cosmetic Finishing & Aerospace Painting

When you’re looking for a specialist in aerospace painting, redecoration and coatings, we have all the services you need.  

Passengers might be surprised to learn how much of the cabin interior is painted; ceiling panels, galley carts, sidewalls and seats can all be painted in durable attractive materials. The complex internal structure of an aircraft needs long term corrosion protection that allows our expensive equipment to be utilized for success. Access to these areas is limited and therefore long term corrosion protection is essential. 

The critical features of these paints are compliance with strict cabin flammability requirements set out by the aviation authorities.

Example: As a paint manufacturer we have adapted with chrome-free primers, void filling layers and anti-static paints that allow composites to be merged into the painting process with minimal disruption.

Commercial Aircraft Interiors team of craftsman fully trained and certified to the highest standards in decorative finishing . Our mission is to provide a consistent, fast, reliable service supplying a quality finished product that satisfies the customer's needs and meets specification requirements. Our planners provide its customers with a frequently updated information package ensuring they are aware of the progress of their components through the process.

Commercial Aircraft Interiors controls it's own lead time on fabrication and assembly . We are not limited to just Aviation and Government. We service all industries requiring Cosmetic Finishing & Aerospace Painting that we offer.

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