Thank you for moving this forward to those who are in need of face shields.  Click PDF for information on face shields available for order from our company in Arlington WA. 


We welcome your call! 

Availability -
Order placed can deliver within 4 business days minimum quantity of 100. We are donating all technical and tooling cost, the cost for reusable face shields is $35.00 each Replacements kits $5.00 each (Head band & strap) 

Aircraft Recycled  Protection Shield is made from aircraft recycled material (used window panes my contain minor defects) that has been tested with 99% alcohol and weighs less than 7.45 oz.  Has peripheral vision for all weather conditions. It can be reused after cleaning. Replacements kits (2 items) available.


Maximum Protection: Protection Shield

re-design provides complete coverage including the sides of the face preventing all contact with eyes, mouth, and nose. This keeps a physical barrier between you and all airborne pathogens.

Thank you for your support! Please stay safe!



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Commercial Aircraft Interiors is open for business! We understand that COVID-19 is disrupting the airline industry and economy.  Commercial Aircraft Interiors is being proactive in making sure our employees are following protocol and that all projects are moving towards completion.  Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for further assistance. 

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