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Acquisition of TTF Aerospace Capabilities 


Spacious, Private individual rest compartments with luxurious amenities for guest 

Expanded Capabilities 

  Through the acquisition of TTF Aerospace in May of 2020, Commercial Aircraft Interiors bolsters its market position to create synergy in the aircraft cabin interior component markets.


"People are at the heart of our operation

taking care of your products."


Prior to being acquired by Commercial Aircraft Interiors   

TTF Aerospace sold crew rests to major airline operators that include Delta, UPS, Airbus and Hawaiian Airlines. Wow factor, Crew Rests are lightweight, custom with a superior look & feel.


  Why buy? When you buy a Crew Rest from Commercial Aircraft Interiors you are receiving: 


  •  Crew Rest designed by a team of experienced engineers and designers 

  •  Crew Rest tailored to your specific requirements 

  •  Crew Rest that is beyond just a number

  •  Crew Rest that has been engineered by a world leading design team

Crew Rest Module Designed for wide-body aircraft, the lightweight, fully contained and highly mobile crew rest unit maximizes space while providing enhanced rest facilities for six. The system consists of a cabin vestibule with an integrated ladder assembly, along with a mobile crew rest unit that resides in the cargo area. Quick connects are used for all electrical, environmental and safety components, allowing the unit to be positioned in under 30 minutes. 

767 LLPCR seat, bunks
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