It's Not Just Business, It's Personal


Refreshing worn aircraft interiors and providing new appealing

reconfiguration, design and kitting to your next aircraft.

Every company has a story - at Commercial Aircraft Interiors it is about WHY we do what we do.  As a family-owned business, it's personal: we passionately want to make YOU look good, whether you are an airline, integrator or MRO.  Our world-class products and services are delivered to the highest standards, cost effectively and with superior quality. 


Our organization is led by individuals who have a passion for every employee, every manufacturing step and customer.

We all understand that at some point a Commercial Aircraft Interiors manufactured or refurbished  part, or a piece of our inventory WILL end up in your possession and become an enabler in you providing your customers with the ultimate passenger experience.

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Dustin Welch

Vice President


Fiona McKay

Executive Relationship Expert


Vincent Griego

Managing Director,

Business Development


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